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Our products portfolio is rich with an extensive range of medicines both branded and generic and it is constantly growing.

Across the range, we provide many products to Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Wholesalers around the world both in regular and one-off shipments.

MEDIDOZ LTD is proud of its fantastic access to the UK and EU markets and our team is fully committed to offer our clients the most competitive prices.

Our products include the following categories:

Prescription Only Medicines

(Branded & Generic)

As the core of our wholesale operation, we offer a vast range of medicines. This category is inclusive of most licensed medicines.

Over the Counter (OTC) Medicines

An important part of our business which sees most of the day to day transactions in a pharmacy. Treating a wide range of conditions from acne to denture irritation, our products can be purchased from pharmacies around the world sourced from the most reputable and well-known manufacturers.

Cold Chain Medicinal Products

We distribute Cold Chain Medicinal Products and temperature sensitive products around the world. For that purpose, we use temperature data logger devices and where necessary special packaging. This always maintains the optimal conditions for your consignments as directed and specified by manufacturers and in accordance with EU GDP guidelines.

Immunological Medicinal Products (Vaccines)

We offer a wide range of Immunological Medicinal Products such as vaccinations for infants, children and adults from the world’s largest manufacturers.

Medicinal Products derived from Blood

We offer a wide range of Medicinal Products derived from Blood.



We supply a wide range of market-leading cosmetic products such as Botulinum Toxins and Dermal Fillers.

Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements

MEDIDOZ LTD has an excellent experience in vitamins and nutritional supplements bulk buying and exporting. They are widely distributed through the integrated distribution channels to pharmacies and opticians.

Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products

We offer a wide range of Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products.


We offer a wide range of Homeopathic products.